Senior Government Official Wants To Run Away To Exile If Ruto Becomes President

2022 is fast approaching and people have started accepting realities. One very senior government official seems to have come into terms that although not definite, Ruto stands a good chance to be the next president of this republic. What scares the official is that his office has been used for the last three years as a tool for smear campaign against Ruto and his allies.

The official was heard lamenting to his colleagues that he regrets being used to play dirty politics. He does not appreciate how certain individuals coerced his office into harassing Ruto’s journey towards the presidency. According to sources, he is considering relocating to a country in Europe if Ruto wins 2022 general elections.

There is also a plan B in case the first one fails. What is surprising is that the Plan B has already been set in motion. It is said that the official has already sent a governor and senator from his home county together with a powerful Rift Valley MP to beg on his behalf for forgiveness. He wants to call a truce and even explore possibilities of working with the deputy president in the coming months.

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