Vera Sidika: Marriage was Boring, the Old Vera is Now back!

In the kingdom of celebrity conspiracy and societal fascination, few names command attention quite like Vera Sidika. Renowned as a Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, Vera’s journey from humble beginnings to high-profile status has been nothing short of captivating.

Known for her unapologetic attitude, glamorous lifestyle and fearless demeanour, Vera’s every move is criticised and celebrated in equal measure by her legion of fans and critics. She is currently starring in the second season of The Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show. In this interview, she speaks about her achievements, setbacks, and the challenges of navigating public life in the digital age

1. Having been in the limelight for more than a decade, what would you consider your greatest achievement so far?
I have done a lot that most people can relate to but being a mum is the greatest of them all. It’s very special, especially being a mum to a boy and a girl. It is very exciting since I get to experience both sides. I love watching my children grow. I spend most of my time with them. I love taking care of them and I plan to give them the best life. And, I am not getting any more children. I need a break so that I can also enjoy life and do other things. If I ever add more children, it will be probably six or seven years from now.

2. Looking back at your pre-celeb life, in what ways do you feel the digital space has changed?
I became famous after the local music scene embraced the video vixen culture. I was the talk of the town when I appeared on P-Unit’s You Guy video in 2012 because of my curves and confident demeanour. In 2014, I also appeared on rapper Prezzo’s video for the track My Gal, where I also took command of the video. Since then, I have continued to rise, and I believe I’ve become a role model for many.

For anyone who wants to become a socialite, my advice is, go for it. However, you must understand that it comes naturally and you can’t force it. I did not choose to be famous, people made me famous when I showcased my skills publicly. Make sure you are natural. The world is too big and there is a place for everybody. I have been famous for over a decade so I know what I’m talking about. I have paved the way for all of them. Understand that social media is not kind so have a tough skin and have fun.

3. Why did you close your salon business?
I did it in 2022 but I did not speak about it. The closure had nothing to do with me going bankrupt. It was because I moved back to Nairobi and I was involved in other things. I spent more time in Nairobi so it was hard to focus on a business when I was away.

You know, if something is not working, you don’t have to force it. Also, running a business is not easy. Even successful people have failed in business. There is nothing to be shy about a business not doing well. It doesn’t mean that you are broke or that your life will not go on. You close it, open another one and life goes on, just a little less stressfully. Sometimes people hold on to things and they end up crashing.

4. What should your fans expect from Season Two of TRHoN?
It is spicy, exciting and amazing. I feel like I got a bit wild this season since I am single, and there is also a bit of drama. Also, at some point, it will get emotional. My fans will also see another side of me as a mother of two. My son (Ice Brown) is also in this season and I love it. Being single is very good for me. Marriage was boring and there were things I could not do in Season One because my ex-husband (Brown Mauzo) was around. In Season Two, I am doing it with a lot of authenticity. I am also not pregnant like I was in Season One and that means I was able to do all the activities.

5. Are your frequent travels attributed to your new relationship with a foreign partner?
Hahaha, I travel a lot because I get a lot of international gigs. This is exciting as I also like going on vacations abroad. I have not been visiting the boring countries. I have gone to all the fun countries where there is life and parties. I have been to over 30 states in the US. I am almost finishing the whole of America. Travelling is fun and super exciting and I can’t wait for my children to grow up so that I can travel with them.

About my partner, I don’t want any commitment at the moment. I just want to have fun so the person I am with is not there for a serious relationship. I’m single because I don’t want it to be serious…niko 50/50 one leg in, one leg out. I also don’t want him to be committed to me. He is Nigerian.


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