A legal practitioner and spokesperson for the PDP presidential campaign council, Daniel Bwala has weighed in on the nefarious activities of bandits in the northwestern part of the countryIn an interview with Channels TV, Daniel Bwala disclosed how bandits in states in the northwest have continued to terrorize villagers who are mostly farmers.

He said some villagers can’t go to their farms for fear of being attacked by bandits.

He also said apart from the fact that some villagers are afraid to go to their farms, bandits send messages to villages asking the men to send their wives to be with them for up to two weeks.

At about 49:45 minutes into a video shared on YouTube by Channels TV, Daniel Bwala said:

“As a matter of fact it is not just about farming which they can no longer go, it has even aggravated to the point where bandits in the Northwest send messages to villages and ask them to send their wives to the bandits and after two weeks they are going to take them back”.

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