Deputy President William Ruto was forced to intervene after chaos broke out within the crowd as he was selling his economic agenda to the crowd in Eastleigh area, Kamukunji Constituency, Nairobi City County.

After making a stopover at the area during his Wednesday tour of Nairobi County, the DP’s speech was marred with chaos that forced him to pause his speech several times in attempts to cool rowdy crowd.

“Tafadhali vijana, sisi ni watu wa amani hatutaki fujo. Tuwapigie hawa vijana amani kwa sababu wameweka amani,” which loosely translates to;

“Please youths, we are peaceful people and we don’t want chaos. Let’s clap for these youths because they have created peace,” Ruto could be heard saying.

However, as the DP continued with his speech, the rowdy youth continued shouting and heckling for unknown reasons.

The chaos started after Ruto asked the crowd to support his presidential candidature, saying that this is the year he must make a change to the leadership of the country.

“Wewe, sawa sawa mos mos. Pole pole vijana (Translating into; You, it’s ok. Youth let’s go slow),” Ruto could be heard telling the crowd that were beginning to become chaotic after he asked those who will support the Hustler nation (Watch from 23 minutes of the video).

“I want us to agree. We are saying that this is the year. It will be on 9th of August. This is the year our competitors should not sell for us tribalism and fear. We are saying as Kenyans that this is the year that we will come out to make rightful plans to save our country from tribalism, threats and fear,” Ruto said after cooling the crowd.

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