A senior police officer’s family are requesting the government to give them answers on the disappearance of their kin who was allegedly abducted from his car.

The mystery abduction is believed to be linked to investigations into association with criminal elements although the government denies having any knowledge of the case.

According to digital news platform, the senior sergeant who was coming from his Laisamis home was driving his luxury car when he was ambushed and blocked by a white vehicle along the Isiolo-Nairobi highway.

Four men armed with AK-47 rifles disembarked and pulled him amid a scuffle with the victim before sandwiching him in the back seat of their Subaru car.

Efforts by the family to know his whereabouts have hit a snag after all government offices they have visited nobody has provided a straight answer.

The officer’s father believes that he was abducted by police officers as eye witnesses say the men who took his son were wearing bullet proof vests and uniforms similar to the anti-terror officers.


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