Leaked Video of KMTC Students Shocks Many

Former Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko, sparked a wave of mixed reactions online with his response to a video featuring KMTC students enjoying themselves. Taking to Twitter, Sonko remarked, “Hawa ndio wanataka 206k,” translating to “These are the people who want 206K.”

Sonko’s comment was a direct reference to the ongoing doctors’ strike, where medical professionals are demanding a salary increase.

The healthcare sector has been grappling with challenges, exacerbated by the refusal of doctors to work until their grievances are addressed.

The footage of KMTC students engaged in leisure activities grabbed the attention of Kenyans, including Sonko.

His remark implied a juxtaposition between the students’ enjoyment and the seriousness of the doctors’ demands, suggesting that medical professionals should be more focused on their cause, given the public scrutiny.

The incident has sparked diverse reactions among Kenyans, leaving many pondering the perceived fault of the students for simply enjoying a moment of camaraderie.

Sonko’s intervention has further fueled the debate surrounding the doctors’ strike and the broader issue of healthcare system challenges in Kenya.

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