Babu Owino Handcuffed

Embakasi leader has shared a photo of him with handcuffs today morning which has made Kenyans console him in a great way. The Luo gentleman is held with handcuffs in both hands and unable to make physical movements comfortably. He appears to be helpless in that situation.

Above the photo, he added a Bible verse that primarily gives courage, hope and energy despite the hard situation. Babu is a deviant Christian who always shares scriptures which he reads the bible hence a great believer. This happened a few minutes ago on his handles.

His followers have not hesitated to give consolidation to what might be happening to him right now. This took place when the DPP appealed for his case which he was freed by the court in recent days. What seemed as good news and joyous moments might come back haunting him.

One Kenyan by the name of Snappy said ‘Challenging moments are temporary, but they don’t just pass but they make you stronger, your future is bright and you be president.’ This was an energising message to the former University of Nairobi student leader. This person believes he will get out stronger than he went in.

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