If you are told to name any bongo star you know, how many names will come up with? What if you are told to name only one, or rather, you are told to name your favorite, whom will you name?

What if asked to name the bongo artist who is number one in the world, who is loved by many and who has the massive number of followers not only in bongo land, Swahili nations but also worldwide, whom will you choose?

Well, you guess is as good as mine and many other people. Now this star singer of ours has caused some commotion after he appeared in a rather weird video. We are used to him appearing in his music videos but this time round, he was captured in a video walking on the streets.

What’s funny with walking on the streets? You ask. Now listen to this, our artist was seemingly drunk. He staggered out of his car, walked several steps and leaned on another car for support. Wah! Am speaking about Diamond who was doing all this while half dressed and oblivious of onlookers.

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