Politician Killed on a Motorbike on His Way Home

In this world, there are several leaders who have been serving and helping innocent people. Unfortunately, some of them have been pronounced dead after being killed by criminals.

These cases of killings should be condemned by everyone, and police officers should also work to protect alma maters in different countries. It is very unfortunate to lose people’s lives through these cases of killing.

According to the source, another prominent politician has been shot dead at his home. As per the latest updates reaching this hour and at the same time circulating on social media, it has been revealed that Pedro Briones was killed by armed gunmen. Pedro Briones, who is also well known in Ecuador, has been helping the citizens before his life was cut short by the said criminals.

Also, it has been revealed that another top official was killed a few weeks ago by gunmen. May the soul of the said politician continue to rest in peace.

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