Deputy President William Ruto has pledged to allocate Ksh120m next year to support small scale traders across the nation.

The DP, who has been pushing for a bottom-up economic model, has umpteenth times opined that the country’s economy will flourish if focus is shifted to small-scale traders.

Speaking in Makueni County on Tuesday September 21, Ruto said that his administration will ensure that no Kenyan is left lagging behind. He said that the hustler government will allocate Ksh120m to support mama mboga, kiosk operators and boda boda operators.

“We assure you that in this new political journey, no Kenyan will be left lagging behind. Just like we set aside Ksh120m for every constituency to build schools through the constituency development fund, next year we will preserve another Ksh120m to support mama mboga, boda boda and kiosk operators. We will also ensure they access government loans that charge low interests and in turn enable them to run their businesses seamlessly,” he said.

Ruto, through a statement posted on his social media platforms, said that his bottom-up economic model presents a new investment environment that will deliver SMEs and entrepreneurs from the bondage of shylocks. He further added that his model will help small-scale traders access affordable loans to fulfill their start-up cash flow and investment needs.

The 2022 presidential hopeful held stopover meetings across Makueni county where he addressed hordes of his supporters. Ruto was from a two-day economic forum in Amboseli, where he met leaders from the Lower-Eastern economic bloc.

By People Daily

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