Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis was forced to flee after a swarm of bees attacked a motorsport event he was attending on Saturday, July 17.

Governor Kiptis graced the Rhino charge event at Sabor area in Marigat when a swarm of bees started attacking the spectators who had gone to watch the race.

The Governor was seen trying to cover himself with his jacket as he scampered for safety from the swarm of bees that thronged the area.

Governor Stanley Kiptis During the past event
Governor Stanley Kiptis During the past eventTWITTER

The organizer of the motorsport event had earlier sent a warning to spectators against wearing perfumes while attending the event. This follows an appearance by bees on Friday, July 16 in the same Sabor area.

Among other leaders who had graced the event include Baringo Senator Gideon Moi who flagged off the race.

The off-road motorsport is organized annually to raise funds for environmental conservation.

The 2021 competition attracted 65 entrants, who have to go through 13 checkpoints, to reach the final destination.

Veteran driver Ian Duncan is among the top-rated athletes who participated in the race.

Others included Manee Choda, Eddy Verbeek, Priten Patel, Ravi Patel, Peter Kinyua, Nikhil Vishram, John Kanyali, Andrew Ndolo, Stanley Kinyanjui, Saqib Fazal, among others.

Many people have apiphobia which is the fear of bees while others are just allergic.

Bees feed on nectar and are attracted to sweet fragrances that smell flowery. That is why the spectators attending the event attracted bees from the different perfumes they wore coming to the event.


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