Miguna Miguna now wants names of lawyers who tried to reach out to the Supreme Court judges when they were on a retreat to write their verdict on the presidential election petition exposed.

After returning their verdict on the petition on Monday, Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu revealed that counsels representing parties in the case had tried to call the judges when they retired to write their judgement.

Although Philomena, who is also the deputy Chief Justice, said that on a lighter note and explained why they could not pick any of the calls, the Canada-based Kenyan lawyer is of the contrary opinion.

“The judiciary must introduce and diligently enforce rules that prohibit advocates, litigants, interested parties and anyone else who wants to interfere with the judicial process or active litigation from contacting court and judicial officers without consent of other parties,” he says in a social media post.

Miguna adds: “Kenyans must demand and be told – publicly – the names of advocates who contacted or telephoned justice Philomena Mwilu and her colleagues during their three days of sequestration. Kenyans will only get justice from the courts after cleaning the bar, bench and the court’s corridors.”

“In countries governed by the Rule of Law, a litigant or party before the court is permitted to contact the presiding judge(s) or court with the consent of other litigants or parties and in their presence. All communication to the Court must be copied to the other parties.”

A Twitter user, however, disagreed with the lawyer arguing that these rules need not be inscribed anywhere as they are unwritten. 

“They are written in Canada and many countries. Only crooks prefer unwritten rules. Are you a crook?” Miguna quipped.

Sourced from TV 47

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