As the intra-party skirmishes within Kenya Kwanza continue with Kilifi gubernatorial seat aspirant Aisha Jumwa tearing into the county’s governor Amason Kingi, a new battlefront appears opened.

However, in a startling irony, the two Kenya Kwanza members are fighting because one has come to the defence of Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance Coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

Popular United Democratic Alliance party supporter and blogger Mumbi Mbui, popularly known as Bianca, took issue with remarks he attributed to Gatundu South member of parliament Moses Kuria.

She claimed that according to Moses Kuria, the only reason Uhuru Kenyatta and his cabal is supporting Raila Odinga is because he isn’t expected to finish even a single year in power.

However, Bianca stated that in as much as she doesn’t support Raila, she takes great exception to Kuria’s morbid prediction. She argued that it’s bad to wish somebody dead. Her tweet read,

As per Hon. Moses Kuria, the only reason why Uhuru Kenyatta and his cabals are supporting Raila Odinga is that he can’t finish one year in office. Much as I don’t support the old museum, it’s bad to wish him dead.

Kuria has always been a strong opponent of a Raila presidency, and in March, he voiced his strongest and most sensational claim yet against the Orange Democratic Movement party leader’s possible rule. He warned President Uhuru Kenyatta saying that he risked being cursed for supporting ODM leader Raila Odinga for the presidency.

Speaking in Kiambu while accompanying deputy president William Ruto for a series of rallies in the area, Kuria said the president will be cursed for defying an oath taken by the community.

According to Kuria, President Uhuru’s father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and a group of Mt Kenya elders, led the oath.

Kuria added that Mzee Kenyatta was clear to the Mt Kenya region on which political direction they should not take.

The MP added that for Uhuru to defy his father, he has invited a curse.

“Uhuru is going against his father’s wish by supporting Raila Odinga and he knows what Kenyatta said. We even took an oath never to support Raila for the presidency and that is why we are backing Ruto,” he said.

Sourced from Kenyan report

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