As president Uhuru Kenyatta prepares to vacate the statehouse on 13th September, president elect William Samoei Ruto will come in with his own deep state that will run the show.

Without doubt, the statehouse will have new occupants who will determine who sees president Ruto, what happens and they will basically be running the welfare of Mr. Ruto.

According to one Lee Makwiny, there are five significant people who will likely be the new power brokers the moment William Ruto takes over the top leadership of the country.

As president Uhuru Kenyatta prepares to retire, he will go together with his most trusted inner circle that were basically the deep state. They included interior permanent secretary Karanja Kibicho, Joseph Kinyua, Nancy Gitau, Fred Matiangi amongst others.

However, a new team will take over and be in charge of the deep state. One of those people who will be powerful is Farouk Kibet who many believe will be the New Nicholas Biwott in town in Ruto’s government.

Farouk Kibet has served William Ruto and has been at the forefront in running the affairs around the deputy president. At some point, members of parliament allied to Ruto aired their frustrations that Farouk was the way to him and that he could easily frustrate anyone who wanted to see the DP without his permission.

Kibet has had a long history with Ruto and became his personal assistant (PA) when he became a member of parliament for Eldoret South.

Farouk has been like a gatekeeper around Ruto and he is the most feared man within the UDA circles. He is feared because you can never see Ruto if you cross his path rather if he does not like your face. Simply put, Kibet will definitely be elevated to the level of deep state in the new regime.

The second person who will be powerful in Ruto’s government will be Veronica Maina who is the secretary general of the United Democratic Alliance.

She will be at the center of running the affairs of the ruling UDA party and ensure that it does not crumble like the defunct Jubilee which was recently buried and forgotten. Jubilee’s headquarter was also put under auction because they could not sustain paying rent given their lack of members to make monthly contributions.

The third person who will be powerful in Ruto’s government is one Davis Chirchir. To the Azimio supporters, the name Davis Chirchir when mentioned sends panic down their spine because he is the face of technology on the side of Ruto.

Even during the 2022 general election, Raila Odinga’s side accused Mr. Chirchir of being behind the hacking of the IEBC server to change results in favor of Ruto.

Even in 2017, the National Super Alliance (NASA) were convinced that the IT guru Davis Chirchir is the one who hacked the system again in what Raila termed as vifaranga vya Computer.

Put in another way, the name Chirchir is a total nightmare to supporters of Raila. Besides, Chirchir was the chief agent of president Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017 and it is safe to conclude that he will be deep state on his own since he is a performer who has stuck with the DP for long.

The fourth person who will be very powerful in Ruto’s government is one Dennis Itumbi. It is believed that Itumbi will run the digital aspect and will control social media communication on behalf of the president.

Itumbi is well talented in twisting facts and he will be vital to explain via the social media especially the promises that the president may not manage to deliver.

The last person who will be powerful in Ruto’s government will be the Kapseret member of parliament Oscar Sudi. It is believed that Sudi holds briefs for Ruto and speaks his mind especially on issues that he can’t address by himself.

Sudi will also be very key in Ruto’s personal/private business deals and negotiations given that he was amongst the people who accompanied the famous Turkish billionaire Harun Aydin to Uganda.

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