Nadia Mukami Message To Couples And Her Beautiful Photos

Nadia Mukami has risen to be one of the most popular musicians in Kenya. Her breakthrough came in 2020 and it’s amazing how far she has come in close to two years. Her songs are streamed into millions and this has also made her become one of the richest musicians in the country.

Apart from singing, she also gives relationship advice to her fans though she puts a disclaimer that she is no expert. Here are her thoughts on dating and relationships:

1.Choosing a good father/ mother for your kids is more important than choosing a husband/wife for yourself.

2. Do not settle down with people who are still stuck on their Exes.

3. Ladies, a man who constantly asks you for money but never spoils you and complains he’s broke but lives lavish is a big turn-off! AVOID

4. Don’t get pregnant for a man if you don’t know where he lives‼️

5. A man/woman who can’t buy you even a cup of coffee worth sh.100 while dating will never buy you ANY gift when married!

6. Your partner should be the first person to celebrate your wins e.g Graduation, opening a small business, promotion, etc. A partner who never celebrates your wins is a red flag!

7. Date people who are proud of you! Date people who show you off! There is a difference between a private relationship & a secret relationship.

Do you agree with Nadia?

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