Magix Enga has hit out at Kenyan musicians for failing to appreciate him and other music producers for producing their hit songs.

Speaking at an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, Enga claimed that some of the music artistes go into hiding, without paying a penny, after a good song is produced for them.

“Kenyan musicians don’t appreciate, hawawezi hata kukupigia simu wakuambie ‘niaje bro shika hii Ksh20K kwa kazi umenifanyia,” he said.

Enga singled out Arrow Bwoy as one of those Kenyan musicians who have failed to appreciate his work. He claimed that the singer blocked his calls after he produced his song.

Enga said that it is this behaviour that prompted him to come up with higher rate cards for Kenyan musicians who sought his services.

“Nilikuwa expensive juu ya njia natumia kupata pesa, na watu nawasaidia hadi wajulikane don’t appreciate. Msani kama Arrow Bwoy saa hii ameniblock na sikumkosea mimi. Nilimwambia ‘niaje my brother haukulipa kijana wangu session, anakula kwangu namfanyia kila kitu si umpatie hata Ksh5000 ya chakula’ akaniblock,” he claimed.

The producer who claimed that he is the one who produced Arrow Bwoy’s Digi Digi song revealed that it is through his association with the Illuminati that the song became a hit.

“Nyimbo wake Arrow Bwoy nilitoa ni hiyo Digi Digi. Unajua nini nilifanya ndio akuwe star. Hajui, yeye alijipata yeye ni superstar,” the said.

Enga’s revelation came while revealing to the public that he joined Illuminati at the age of 23. He said he joined the underworld group to seek riches, fame and success in his music career.

By K24 TV

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