A woman cries out on social media that she’s been a side chick for 35 years now things are hard for her since her country passed a bill that forbids married men spending or giving month to their side chicks. She said she needs a man who will marry that she can’t continue being a side chick and not getting money from her married boyfriends.

A lady who has been having an affair with a married man for 35 years has asked men to marry her, stating that she needs a man because she hasn’t been able to find one for herself. As she put it in her own words, “I need a man to marry me.”

“I’ve been a side chic for over 35 years and can attest to the fact that we’re the ones that do the most to make these men happy. She insists her country president should reconsider the bill he passed that men should not spend or give money to their side chicks or any man who is interested in marrying me to come and marry me? You ” she opined.

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