Video: Chaos as Woman Fights Pastor For Lying His Hands On Her

A commotion was caused in a church which location has not yet been identified after a woman was seen fighting a pastor who was trying to lay a hand on her. A video has been going around social media showing a pastor preaching to his congregants in an open area.

The pastor was heard praying and speaking in tongues while trying to lay his hands on congregants heads. As soon as he reached where the woman was standing, she retaliated. She started fighting the pastor making it hard for him to continue with the sermon.

After church members realized that the situation was getting out of hand, another clergy stepped in. He tried to hold the woman’s hands down so that the pastor can carry out his deliverance session on her.

As reported by a local media from Nigeria, the woman was refusing the pastor’s hand as she was afraid that she will be called a witch.

Here is what people had to say about the same:

@ohreoluwa_fabrics said: “Why did she go there?” @findbruno_ said: “The pastor isn’t up to her standard.”

@church_of_the_free asked: “But what was she doing in that toxic environment in the first place?”

@oreverlivingdistributorng said: “I like her. She’s a real one.”

sir_mich21 said: “Some of these pastors if you allow them, they are ready break your neck in the name of deliverance.”

Watch the video here:

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