Radio King Maina Kageni has told off his co-host Mwalimu King’ang’i who is pushing him to marry Ciru.

Dr Ciru is a babe Maina has been hanging out with and whom Kenyans feel would make a good wife for the radio host.

During the Morning show on Classic 105, Mwalimu pointed out that Maina anachelewesha watu na harusi, adding that he should get on with it.

“Hauniulizi hii shati ni ya nini? Hii ni ya ruracio yako, utakuyta sisi wote tumevaa kama kayamba Afrika. (Why are you not asking me why I have worn this shirt? It’s for your ruracio. With time you will find all of us wearing them.)

To which Maina responded, ” I am moving at my pace and not yours. Miniharakishe is it your life?”

Mwalimu shot back, saying, “Which pace unatuchelewesha. I need to talk to your mum.”

By Mpasho

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