Betty Kyallo is a famous Kenyan media personality, celebrity and businesswoman. She came into the limelight while working as a reporter and anchor at KTN. Her Friday show was one of the most watched on KTN. She hosted a number of celebrities in her show Friday Briefing. Later, she moved to K24 where she had an equally amazing run and hosted the show Weekend with Betty. In this show, she had one on one interactions with not just celebrities but with struggling Kenyans as well.

This article takes a look at some of the handsome rich men she has dated. While some of these relationships were never confirmed by the media personality others are public knowledge.

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Dennis Okari

Betty’s relationship with Okari was one of the most publicised celebrity relationships in Kenya. The two made a dream item and were both media personalities who at some point worked in the same media house. They even tied the knot in a colourful wedding ceremony that was attended by who is who in the media world. Unfortunately, the relationship went South in less than a year after their marriage and Betty moved out of the house months later with her daughter.

While they called it quits, the two are not on bad terms and co-parent. 

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Ali Hassan Joho

The Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho is one of the most influential governors known for living life with a big spoon. Soon after Betty walked out on her marriage with Dennis Okari, she began an affair with Hassan Joho. According to the media personality, they both were having trouble in their relationships and found a way to console each other. She revealed about the relationship in an interview with True Love magazine.

Somali guy

A while ago, it was rumored that she was dating a rich, Somali guy. Kenyans speculated on who this rich Somali guy was. To date, the identity of the man is still a secret and it’s not even clear if he even exists. 

Mohamed Alinur

Mohamed Alinur is a Kenyan businessman and politician. He was one of the people who came through for former Tahidi High actor Omosh after he publicly stated that he was broke. On a number of occasions, he and Betty were spotted together and her fans went wild with speculation. Alinur came out to deny reports that he was Kyalo’s man. He wrote:

“It’s important that Kenyans know the Truth. I have a Family that I love so much. I am therefore asking those purporting that I am the mysterious Somali Guy to have some respect for my family, Betty Kyallo’s family, Dennis Okari and myself. Please I am not the Somali Guy…” 

She went on to say that Kyalo is just a good friend:

” Betty she’s a good friend of mine. We talk oftenly. Na pia kila mtu anajua yeye alikuwa mwanahabari. But sahi amesema wacha tu nifanye kivyangu mambo yangu. So, yes, she wants kuwania kiti cha women rep I think, apa Nairobi. We will welcome her…

I’m not in a relationship with Betty. I’m a family man. I’m a father of two. So, I’m happy.”

Conrad Anangwe 

The two were rumoured to be dating after they were spotted together. There is nothing much about Conrad and it is not clear whether they are really dating or just the usual hearsay that usually accompanies the former K24 news reporter.

Nick Ndenda

Nick is a popular city lawyer who was once a hawker before becoming the man he is today. He has ambitions of becoming the president of the republic of Kenya one day. The two were rumored to be together after someone spotted them together in Nick’s residence. 

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