After Omosh, Where Is Lolani Kalu?

The internet has been awash with stories of Omosh the last few weeks. This was after he appeared on TV47 begging for Kenyans to help him get on his feet again. Kenyans could not believe the person they gave millions just some months ago was back on the streets begging for food. A visibly upset DJ Shiti even told Omosh to stop begging culture and start selling masks.

Jalang’o came out quickly to dispute Omosh claims that he got less than a million in donations. He said personally he oversaw contributions of over one million in cash. On top of that two sponsors agreed to buy land and build a house for Omosh. A close friend of Omosh has said that he is planning to sell the land because he cannot imagine not living in the city. Omosh had also earlier said he was disappointed by people who were offering him jobs away from the capital city.

Now Kenyans are worried about another beneficiary of Jalang’o; Lolani Kalu. The former NTV journalist surfaced last year looking ill. In his sad story he said that NTV had let him go and he had lost all the money he received after job termination. In subsequent interviews he appeared to have kind words for the media company. Maybe he was reminded of a non disclosure contract he had signed or it could have been that he had more hours to reflect.

Jalang’o hosted the veteran journalist on his Bonga na Jalas Show where Kenyans contributed for him. It was later reported that he had bagged jobs with various companies including them TV47. It seems Kalu has gone under. Many Kenyans are now worried for his wellbeing. They are asking his whereabouts and if he is holding up well. Have you seen Lolani Kalu recently?

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