Has Esther Musila Left Guardian Angel For Maina Kageni?

The love story between Guardian Angel and Esther Musila inspires different kind of people. There are young men crushing on women who are older than them, when they see Esther Musila find warmth in the arms of Guardian Angel they realize all is not lost. It inspires them that one day they can be with the woman of their dreams. Women who feel like love train has already left the station get inspired by Musila. They know it is never too late to find a man who will shower you with love and build happily ever after castle.

Today Guardian Angel might not be a happy man though. It is the day that Maina Kageni came to the world and everyone is wishing happy birthday to the radio king. His fiancee has not been left behind in wishing Maina happy birthday.

“Let me tell you, Maina. You are so many things to me. I can’t describe you and finish! You are such a beautiful soul. My friend, my sweetheart, my person. May God continue to guide and protect you all the days of your life. Your friendship means a lot to me, and I love you big time. Enjoy your day and week! Cheers and happy birthday,” Musila’s heartfelt message to Maina read.

Well, let us not read too much from the text. Sources reveal that it is Maina Kageni who brought the two together. Actually it is surprising that Guardian Angel has not written a similar message to Kageni. Well not calling him sweetheart and his person but you get what I mean.

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