Narc-Kenya party leader Martha Karua cohabited with Justice GBM Kariuki for many years before their bitter fallout that crystalised into a legal battle.

Their relationship blossomed despite the fact that the Court of Appeal judge was a married man.

When they were having the best time of their lives, the two would not shy away from stepping out in public together. A credible source told that they would refill their gas at Nairobi West shopping centre.

Then the bad times came and ended the affair. Justice Kariuki claims that he is the one who dumped Karua.

But what followed saw him fight for justice in court for eight years.

On October 20, 2008, armed police officers in two vehicles raided his home and seized him.

The judge said in court papers that he was arrested commando style as the officers climbed over the gate instead of ringing the bell.

He was charged with attempted murder of Robert Karori on October 18, 2008. He allegedly stabbed Karori in the stomach with a sharp object along Kabete Road in Spring Valley.

Investigation officers confessed to the court that that the Attorney General and then-Justice Minister Martha Karua piled pressure on them to lock up Kariuki.

A year later, the judicial officer was acquitted for lack of evidence.

He sued the State for malicious prosecution and was awarded Ksh5 million by High Court judge George Odunga in January 2016.

Kariuki believed that Karua tried to persecute him after ending their unrecognised marriage, better known as “come we stay”.

Another incident involving Karua that made headlines was in December 2003.

At around 1am, Karua was carjacked in the company of Father Dominic Wamugunda.

When her colleagues in Parliament attempted to extract information from her, she told them of. Some MPs wanted to know what she was doing with the Catholic priest at night in the absence of her security detail.

“Many MPs had been carjacked but they had never been required to give an explanation. I consider myself like many other Kenyans sharing security risks experienced by my constituents and citizens,” she said.

Wamugunda later stated that they were heading to his home where he was to give her a private document.

By Lit Kenya

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