Junet Mohammed is one of the most loyal foot soldiers to Raila Odinga. In recent times he has assumed the role of an adopted son. He is always besides his political father in good or bad times. Even when Raila is hospitalized away from the country, he always finds time to go and visit him.

When Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua said Raila is an old man who cannot sustain back to back rigorous campaigns, Junet was irked.

Speaking in Mt Kenya, Gachagua told his people not to expect much from Raila Odinga. He said he had even to cut short his trip so that he can go get a rest.

“Stop disturbing Raila. You have seen that William Ruto can attend 15 to 11 rallies now you also want baba to do the same. He is tired. The other day you saw that a chopper had to fetch him so that he can rest,” Rigathi said.

On his response Junet said,

“Chema cha jiuza na kibaya cha jitembesha. This guy (Ruto) has come up with a new party called UDA and he is walking all over in pursuit of votes. ODM is known in the whole of Kenya. There is no need for us to run around like night runners,” Junet said.

Ruto will not be that excited to be called a night runner. We can see the similarities but in his defense, he runs at daytime. I have never seen a daytime night runner. Have you?

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