Former Suba MP John Mbadi has broken his silence days after he was accused of threatening Azimio la Umoja Presidential candidate Raila Odinga with consequences should the party fails to nominate him for any leadership position in the National Assembly.

This was after Embakasi MP Babu Owino accused Mbadi of allegedly threatening Raila Odinga after failing to get a nomination for the Leader of Majority in the National Assembly.

According to Owino, Mbadi threatened Raila saying he would resign from the ODM party should Raila fails to intervene and reward him with a PAC chairmanship position instead.

Babu said the position had been reserved for him and with Mbadi’s threats, Raila was forced to bow down and reward him with the position.

However, Mbadi has hit back at Babu Owino, disowning the allegations that he wanted to resign after threatening Raila. He said Raila cannot be threatened and that even if he wanted to resign from the party, he would have done that without any threats.

He added that he had also done a lot for the party and his decision to step down from the gubernatorial position for Gladys Wanga should not just be taken for granted.

He said Babu Owino should nurse his frustrations in peace without dragging others in, adding that he could be among those who have been disloyal to the party.

“The fact that you have not been treated fairly or you needed some position and you did not get it, does not amount to betrayal. The people who sometimes claim to be loyal, are the ones who are sometimes very disloyal to this party,” he stated

On his part, Babu Owino said they are going to consider their relationship with ODM, should the party’s leadership continue ignoring them as youthful leaders.

He lauded William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza coalition, saying it has recognised and given the youthful MPs positions in the two houses.

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