The County Government of Nakuru has announced 550 positions for interns in a programme aimed at giving unemployed graduates an opportunity to perfect their craft.

In an advertisement on the official county website, applicants were asked to submit their resumes before November 22, 2021.

Further, the applicants were asked to send their applications through the post office or courier services in a sealed envelope with the Course Code clearly indicated on the top of the envelope. No hand-delivered applications will be accepted

The applications will be addressed to the Secretary, Nakuru County Public Service Board, Public Works Building, P.O. Box 2870-20100, Nakuru.

A file aerial view image of Nakuru Town in Nakuru County taken on June 3, 2021.

A file aerial view image of Nakuru Town in Nakuru County taken on June 3, 2021.NAKURU COUNTY GOVERNMENT

Governor Lee Kinyanjui’s county also indicated that the interns will be paid based on their level of education. Certificate holders will be paid Ksh15,000, Diploma graduates will receive Ksh20,000 while Degree holders will get Ksh25,000 per month.

For graduates with certificates, the county asked that the certificate should be from a recognized institution in certain areas of study with a course duration lasting not less than 3 months. They will not be looking at any previous work experience related to their area of study.

Course Code:          Area of Specialization
1. C/INT/01/2021: Human Resource Management
2. C/Int/02/2021: Tourism and Wildlife
3. C/Int/03/2021: Records Management
4. C/Int/04/2021: Information & Communication Technology
5. C/Int/05/2021: Livestock (Animal Health, Animal Production)
6. C/Int/06/2021: Commerce
7. C/Int/07/2021: Marketing
8. C/Int/08/2021: Business Administration
9. C/Int/09/2021: Information and Mass Communication
10. C/Int/10/2021: Nursing 
11. C/Int/11/2021: Nutrition and Dietetics
12. C/Int/12/2021: Medical Engineering
13. C/Int/13/2021: Medical Laboratory
14. C/Int/14/2021: Physiotherapy

Diploma Holders 
1. D/INT/15/2021: Architecture
2. D/Int/16/2021: Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical)
3. D/Int/17/2021: Disaster Management and Rescue Operations
4. D/Int/18/2021: Human Resource Management
5. D/Int/19/2021: Records Management
6. D/Int/20/2021: Counselling (Counseling Psychology)
7. D/Int/21/2021: Office Administrative Services (Business Administration, Secretarial Duties, Front Office And Customer Care 
8. D/Int/22/2021: Mass Communication/Communication

Science/Media Studies
9. D/Int/23/2021:Journalism
10. D/Int/24/2021:Public Relations
11. D/Int/25/2021:Graphic Design
12. D/Int/26/2021: Information Communication Technology
10. D/Int/27/2021: Social Science
13. D/Int/28/2021: Public Administration
14. D/Int/29/2021: Political Science
15. D/Int/30/2021: Community Development
16. D/Int/31/2021: Trade, Commerce And Industrialization
17. D/Int/32/2021: Cooperative Management
18. D/Int/33/2021: Water (Water Technology and Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Groundwater Technology)
19. D/Int/34/2021: Livestock (Animal Science, Animal Husbandry, Animal production, Dairy Science and Technology, Animal Health, Apiculture, Range Management)
20. D/Int/35/2021: Nursing
21. D/Int/36/2021: Physiotherapy
22. D/Int/37/2021: Pharmacy
23. D/Int/38/2021: Orthopaedics
24. D/Int/39/2021: Occupational Therapy
25. D/Int/40/2021: Medical Social Work
26. D/Int/41/2021: Public Health
27. D/Int/42/2021: Medical Laboratory
28. D/Int/43/2021: Health Promotion
29. D/Int/44/2021: Nutrition and Dietetics
30. D/Int/45/2021: Medical Engineering
31. D/Int/46/2021: Nursing
32. D/Int/47/2021: Clinical Medicine
33. D/Int/48/2021: Supply Chain Management

Degree Holders
1. B/Int/49/2021: Architecture (Landscape Architecture, Architecture)
2. B/Int/50/2021: Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Geospatial, Water)

3. B/Int/51/2021: Land Surveying and Photogrammetry (GIS,)
4. B/Int/52/2021: Valuation and Property Management
5. B/Int/53/2021: Natural Resource (Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Geology, )
6. B/Int/54/2021: Environmental (Environmental Science, Climate Change, Environmental Studies)
7. B/Int/55/2021: Energy (Renewable Energy Technology/Management)
8. B/Int/56/2021: Water (Water and Environmental Engineering, Bio-System Engineering, Water Technology)
9. B/Int/57/2021: Disaster Management and Rescue Operations

10. B/Int/58/2021: Tourism and Wildlife
11. B/Int/59/2021: Human Resource Management
12. B/Int/60/2021: Counselling (Counseling Psychology)
13. B/Int/61/2021: Records Management
14. B/Int/62/2021: Information and Public Communication/Relations
15. B/Int/63/2021: Information & Communication Technology
16. B/Int/64/2021: Agriculture (Horticulture, Agri-Business, Crop Protection, Home Economics, General Agriculture, Food Science and Technology)
17. B/Int/65/2021: Veterinary Services

18. B/Int/66/2021: Livestock (Animal Production, Livestock Economics, Range Management, Dairy Technology, Livestock Production System, Animal Science)
19. B/Int/67/2021: Fisheries (Fisheries and Aquaculture, Aquatic Science )
20. B/Int/68/2021: Finance and Accounting
21. B/Int/69/2021: Economics and Statistics
County of Unlimited Opportunities
22. B/Int/70/2021: Cooperative Development
23. B/Int/71/2021: Trade, Marketing And Industrialization
24. B/Int/72/2021: Law
25. B/Int/73/2021: Nutrition and Dietetics
26. B/Int/74/2021: Nursing
27. B/Int/75/2021: Medical Laboratory
28. B/Int/76/2021: Public Health

29. B/Int/77/2021: Physiotherapy
30. B/Int/78/2021: Occupational Therapy
31. B/Int/79/2021: Health Records Information Management
32. B/Int/80/2021: Land Economics
33. B/Int/81/2021: Real Estate and Land Administration
34. B/Int/82/2021: Urban Planning and Management
35. B/Int/83/2021: Building Economics
36. B/Int/84/2021: Housing Administration
37. B/Int/85/2021: Mass Communication
38. B/Int/86/2021: Sports Science

39. B/Int/87/2021: Social Work/Community Development/Counselling Psychology
40. B/Int/88/2021: Gender and Development
41. B/Int/89/2021: Cultural Studies (Anthropology, Sociology, Creative Arts, Theatre Arts, Music, Fine Arts)
42. B/Int/90/2021: Project Planning and Management
43. B/Int/91/2021: Secretarial Management

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