Njoki Murira, a TikTok queen, has revealed that a mzungu man spoils her with lots of money.

The young lady revealed a mzungu man was coming to Kenya in June via one of her TikTok lives.

The TikToker said that she and the mzungu man were friends who had been in contact for quite some time.

Njoki stated that she was not interested in wazungu males since she preferred dark men and was willing to assist the mzungu in finding a mate.

The dancer further revealed that the man gave her money as she was looking for an apartment that would suit him.

Njoki Murira Makes Ksh 3.4 Million From Dance Videos

Dutring a recent question and answer session with her fans on social media, Njoki said she has made Ksh 3.4 Million from Tik Tok Live.

She also shared a screenshot of the diamonds which have accumulated to a total of 6,803,013. She asked her fans to divide the Diamonds by two to get the total amount she has earned in 5 months.

Sourced from muranga newspaper

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