For most people that have been watching his first few months in office, it seems like the President has been totally unconcerned about whether he comes back to office for the second term or not.

This has become evident in the manner in which the President has been doing things. Some of the decisions the President has made over the past few months have been so unpopular with many even claiming that his Popularity has been dwindling.

From the past regimes, Presidents have always ensured that they win the hearts of people during the first term in office, President William Ruto has been doing the exact opposite and experts are not sure whether the President will be able to retain his office for the second term. In reaction to the allegations, the President has clearly stated that he is more concerned about his first term than his second term.

“Many people tell me I should think about my second term. My second term will be meaningless if my first term achieves nothing. I am not here so that I can have a second term, I am here because I want to make a difference.” Stated the President as revealed by the state house spokesperson Hussein Mohammed through his tweet.

According to the President, his second term will have no meaning if his first term does not yield results and that is why he will do everything to make the difference.

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