Demonstrations have become an order of the day whenever the residence feels that the leadership of the country is not responding to their demands.

After what was witnessed in Tharaka Nithi County yesterday, DP Rigathi Gachagua backyard Mathira has experienced similar demos.

The residence want the government to compensate their land the lost to Mathira Water and Sewerage Company.

The bitter residence want DP Rigathi Gachagua to intervene and help them to get what they were promised. They maintain that they have been given empty promises from the former regime of President Uhuru Kenyatta but nothing they have achieved so far.

They are now threatening to interfere with it and empty water to the nearby rivers as way of expressing their dissatisfaction. They want now the deputy President to intervene and help them to get their lands as they have been going through very hard times in their bid to sought justice.

They also accuse DP Rigathi Gachagua for giving them empty promises when he was a member of parliament which he failed to honour up to now despite being the second in command in the country.

By ktn news

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