Kenyans are losing their patience, and the days of making out that everything is well are long gone.

Samson Cherargei, a senator from Nandi, ought to be embarrassed by what is occurring in his nation.

Cherargei is one of President William Ruto’s obnoxious henchmen who is constantly defending the government even if his people are starving.

Nandi county employees have staged protests in order to seek payment of their salaries as time passes quickly and tensions rise among Kenyans.

They claim they haven’t received payment in more than three months. Contrarily, since Ruto assumed leadership, the county administrations have not gotten any funding for the past six months.

No matter who you voted for, the situation is getting worse. The entire anguish is being felt by those who bought into and trusted president William Ruto’s lies. The demonstrations are becoming more ugly as time goes on, and Kenyans are anxiously anticipating what will happen after they are over.

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