Dr Mercy Mwangangi, the Health CAS, has dismissed the stereotyped poor service delivery from public health facilities, saying she has complete faith in them and that if she has a child, Kenyatta Hospital will be her first choice.

Mwangangi defended the legitimacy of public health services on the Monday report show, claiming that she herself visits the Kenyatta hospital for medical checkups and has recommended the facility to her family members.

“Just this year four of my family members have been admitted at the Kenyatta National Hospital, I can tell you I know the nephrologist there, the cardiologist there, they are all fantastic doctors. And I was even saying if I deliver a child next year why not Kenyatta,” said Mwangangi. 

She did, however, reiterate the state of Kenya’s unfurnished healthcare quality, saying that accessing affordable healthcare has been difficult, but that the country is gradually improving and moving in the right direction.

“If you ask me what were are still lacking as we move into the next government is the quality of healthcare. We’ve done a lot in laying foundations but it all needs to be put together,” she said

“One of the things that come to play is are our healthcare workers fit for purpose? we have fantastic doctors and nurses but are they all fit for purpose as a team working on one patient,” 

Mwangangi said that a curriculum conference will be held, as when the health ministry shall direct, to sensitize health workers on matters service delivery. 

Courtesy Citizen Digital

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