The government will start inspecting butcheries, hotels and other eateries in Kiambu to ensure people are not eating donkey meat without their knowledge.

The animals are stolen and slaughtered in bushes and their meat stashed in polythene bags before they are transported to different eateries.

According to the police, they are sold to butcheries in the county as well as in the nearby county of  Nairobi.

It is alleged that the meat which is packed in steak form, is sold in butcheries and also it’s used to prepare mtura, samosas and other types of meat pie.

Kiambu county police commander Perminus Kioi on Thursday said a multi-agency team involving national and county government officers will start inspections.

Kioi said it was wrong  to sell donkey meat to unsuspecting customers.

He spoke after the police spent Wednesday night tracking donkey thieves who steal them and slaughter them at Rwacumari village in Ndeiya ward.

Kioi said they arrested two suspects and recovered two vehicles loaded with donkey meat.

They said 30 donkeys had been slaughtered after being stolen from Ndiuni, Mutarakwa, Tiekunu, Thigio, Kwambira, Ngarariga and Limuru town.

They also recovered decaying bones of donkeys, which made them suspect that other animals may have been stolen and slaughtered sometime back.

“They had removed the meat and left behind skins, head and legs at the scene where they were slaughtering,” he said.

Kioi and Kiambu county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha visited the scene where they said a lot of slaughtering has been happening at a private forest.

Nkanatha thanked members of the public for giving information to the police and the administration department.

The two suspects will be arraigned in court once investigations are complete.

Nkanatha said they will continue investigating the donkey stealing syndicate.

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