Doctor Allegedly Steals Heart From A Senior Police Officer

Imagine you have gone to the morgue to take body of your beloved so you can give him a decent send off. You find out that while during autopsy, the doctor stole his heart.

Ms Muumbo daughter of Timothy Muumbo (Former provincial police chief) while testifying at court said that her father collapsed dead in his home in Kileleshwa. The body was taken to Lee Funeral home for preservation pending post mortem exam. After two day, the exam was conducted and they were told that their aged father died of heart attack.

They then asked Dr Njue to contact another exam with an agreement to give results in two weeks. Dr Njue never gave them results and on follow up, they found out that he had written similar report like that given by the police and a doctor hired by the family.

The family decided to conduct a second post mortem by Prof Rogena. She did not conduct the postmortem as she discovered that the old man’s vital organs were missing. When Dr Njue was pressed, he said that the man’s kidney and part of his stomach were taken to police but he could not account for the missing heart.

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