As a head of state, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been a very busy man. Of late ,Kenyatta has been operating on a busy travel schedule that has seen him visit at least five states in the last three months.

For instance, in October Uhuru left for Ethiopia then proceeded to the US where he chaired UN security council meeting and stayed for close to a week engaging in bilateral talks with other partners.

Even more, Uhuru has also visited France, Scotland, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania in the recent past to discuss issues of climate change and to foster collaboration in trade and investment.

Such a busy schedule has forced the head of state to delegate some of his roles of running day-to-day government operations to his trusted allies-to ensure things move on seamlessly and he deals with diplomatic issues away from home.

Although constitutionally Deputy President William Ruto is expected to assume such responsibilities while the president is away, the existing political hostility between the two has made it impossible for such seamless operation to work. That is why Uhuru has entrusted the responsibilities to his appointees in government to ensure everything runs smoothly while he is out of the country. With this three men in control, Uhuru feels that this Country is in good hands:

Fred Matiangi 

In Uhuru’s absence, Matiang’i has been receiving top dignitaries and presiding over important functions including those reserved for the presidency. For instance, on Friday, December 10, 2021 while Uhuru was away in Tanzania , Matiang’I held meeting with top security officers from Qatar and deliberate on a possibility of deploying Kenyan troops to the Arabic country to provide security during 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament. This happened while Uhuru was away in Tanzania.  

Joseph kinyua 

Kinyua is a hands-on civil servant with a career spanning over 40 years. Reports indicate he has severally been denied retirement by the president over his efficiency at work. Although he hardly appears in public, Kinyua is directly involved in daily running of the government and his office is a beehive of activities. Prior to his appointment as head of civil service in 2013, the 70-year-old economist had enjoyed a stellar performance at the National Treasury as a permanent secretary during which period Uhuru served as the Finance CS.

Karanja Kibicho

Kibicho is a ruthless yet calm administrator working as the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Interior. He is part of the president’s inner circle and works closely with Matiang’i to ensure the government delivers on its projects and programs. On many occasions, government critics have accused Kibicho of using his powers to frustrate and undermine them.

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