Wiper Democratic Movement leader Kalonzo Musyoka now says the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) will only deal with coalitions like the Azimio la Umoja once it is registered as a political outfit.

Musyoka who is one the OKA co-principals affirmed the coalition stance to deal only with registered alliances.

“We have always wanted to collapse a lot of this 80 or so political parties, a lot of them are going to coalesce into like into like One Kenya Alliance because right now we are four and counting. Others want to join what become of Azimio because right now it has not been registered,” said Musyoka.

He stated that together with other co-principals, they will engage with other parties or coalitions in a transparent manner.

“Infact people have talked of a possibility of a three-legged stool in the coalition making which might bring about 40 political parties, there is that possibility and am not trying to prejudge any issue,” Musyoka noted.

They were claims that OKA which was recently joined by Narc Kenya Leader Martha Karua  have placed conditions and irreducible minimums for the  political outfit to join the ODM leader Raila Odinga led with Azimio la Umoja movement.

Sourced from Kenyan report

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