Deputy President William Ruto yesterday took his Coast region’s tour to Lamu county where he called on his supporters to “reject an imposed candidate.”

Without mentioning names, Ruto said the eight million Kenyans who voted for the Jubilee administration in 2013 and 2017 General- Election would not accept the idea of “hiring a candidate from the opposition.”

He accused ODM party leader Raila Odinga of destroying the Jubilee Party but assured the supporters he found another alternative to advance his dream for the country through the UDA, which he said will form the next government.

Hired candidate

“I want to ask you Lamu people, I know a majority of you voted Jubilee overwhelmingly.

Even if we have no brains completely, does it mean that all of us have nobody completely to become a candidate except a hired Kitendawili candidate…we are not going to accept that,” said Ruto.

He told UDA supporters in Lamu Raila, who is his biggest rival, had no chances of winning against him at any given time, dismissing the ODM leader as a perennial loser.

“I fail to understand, did they run completely short of candidates for them to bring us the Kitendawili man, somebody we have repeatedly defeated in successive contests?…

Even if they unite, it will be difficult for them to defeat the united hustler nation. We shall defeat them early in the morning.”

Ruto laughed off his opponents, terming them as clueless people who lack vision and only guided by selfish interest.

“Our competitors are very annoying people. They are only interested in changing the constitution and dividing positions.

They do not have an agenda of how to salvage Kenyans from the manacles of poverty… Changing the constitution can come later.

We need to fix the problems that the common mwananchi is facing daily first,” Ruto said while addressing UDA supporters in Lamu.

By People Daily

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