Deputy President William Ruto has told off President Uhuru Kenyatta over claims that he has not played a part in the success of Jubilee government projects in its 10-year tenure.

President Kenyatta said on Monday, in a thinly veiled attack on DP Ruto, that some of his allies refused to work with him and instead chose to launch early presidential campaigns and ignore their office mandate.

Sisi tumekuwa kazi kama jubilee na kama mnakumbuka mimi niliuliza kwa heshma tu nikasema tufanye kazi kwanza alafu turudi wakati wa siasa ukifika, nikaambiwa wewe huna uwezo wa kutuambia uache, wakasema wacha sisi tutangatange,” said President Kenyatta.

In response to Kenyatta, DP Ruto stated that he could not be denied credit for the success of the Jubilee government, claiming that Jubilee was a joint project between him and the president. He claims to have played a significant role in Jubilee’s leadership success.

Mimi nikisimama hapa mimi ni Deputy President wa Jamhuri ya Kenya na serikali ya Jubilee iliundwa na Uhuru Kenyatta pamoja na mimi. And I want to tell our friends, the Jubilee government was a joint project between Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto,” said Ruto on Tuesday while speaking at a roadside rally in Kakamega county.

“…I want to tell them, you cannot deny me as Deputy President the credit we have achieved in the many things we have achieved as a government.”

The second-in-command warned those attempting to deny him credit for the accomplishments of the government, stating that he oversaw the planning and execution of all projects undertaken since their appointment in 2013.

“Anybody imagining that they can deny me the credit for the things we did in Jubilee are wasting their time. I made an equal contribution to the success of the Jubilee administration and I know too well, I have been in politics long enough that you plan theory in offices and execute practical in the field sometimes on top of cars,” Ruto posed.

“It is not going to happen my friends. Kama ni mpango wa mabarabara mimi niliketi nikapanga, kama ni mambo ya stima tuliketi chini tukapanga, kama ni mambo ya TTI tuliketi na tukapanga hata mambo ya elimu pia tuliketi na tukapanga pamoja.

DP Ruto boasted about his role in the party, claiming that without his involvement in the party, the Jubilee government would not have existed.

“Hauwezi kuniondoa katika mambo ambayo yamefaulu, kama singekueko serikali ya jubilee haingetengenezwa, let us face the truth.”

He was accompanied by Kenya Kwanza movement leaders Musalia Mudavadi (ANC) and Moses Wetangula (Ford-Kenya). Other leaders flanking the convoy included Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala and Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, among others.


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