War Breaks After Bishop Demands Prado From Congregants

A congregation from a church in Kawangware Nairobi County on Sunday caused chaos after refusing to meet the demands of the lead bishop.

During the church service, the members aired out their complaints leading to the service being cut short.

The congregants chanted in the church demanding that the bishop leave. They also held placards bearing the words, ‘Bishop Must Go’.

According to the churchgoers, the bishop had requested the members to buy him Prado a TX but they were unable to. The bishop argued that he was constantly embarrassed when he met up with other pastors who drove big vehicles.

The members expressed dissatisfaction with their financial standing, stating they couldn’t meet the pastor’s requests.

Reports suggest the bishop was angered by the congregation’s savings for a school bus, perceiving it as a refusal to comply with his desires. Consequently, they insisted the bishop depart from the church due to his discontent with the members’ decision.

Some asserted that the bishop frequently criticized church elders during sermons, compounding their discontent.

A church leader, who had served as an interpreter, expressed distress over the bishop’s aggressive preaching, particularly during guest visits. Members urged leaders to step in and relocate the pastor, citing alleged interference with church projects.

Furthermore, they accused the bishop of trying to substitute bank signatories with his representatives, alleging a scheme to mishandle church funds. This claim heightened concerns among the members about the potential misuse of financial resources.

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