Bad News to All Mpesa Agents

According to available sources of news vocal Senator has now revealed how President William Ruto’s government has moved to deal with corruption in the country.

Speaking at the floor of the senate, Hon Robert Pukose has revealed that President Ruto’s government has now gone after all Mpesa agents and now wants them to go into one Mpesa account so that the Treasury can monitor easy movement of cash.

This move is one of the ways that the Treasury will monitor transfer of huge sums of money.

The vocal Senator has now promised to support President William Ruto’s move to ensure that corruption is fought by all means.

However,it is evident that some of President William Ruto’s moves will be unpopular but it is good for our country. We as Kenyans, should support him and join hands in fighting corruption in our country. We need to be a corrupt free nation.

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