Pastor Sells Church And All Congregants To Another Pastor

A pastor named Samuel Ojo has stirred up quite a buzz and made headlines for an unusual decision. Allegedly, before relocating abroad in search of a better life, Pastor Ojo is said to have sold his church building, along with its entire congregation, to a close friend and fellow pastor, Michael Ade.

As per a news report from Information Nigeria, Pastor Ojo, who led the Graceful Abode church, supposedly transferred not only the physical church property but also its members and ministry assets to Pastor Ade, whose smaller church was situated nearby.

The details surrounding this peculiar transaction are veiled in mystery, leaving many perplexed about the dynamics and motivations behind such a sale.

According to reports, the members of Graceful Abode Church were taken aback upon discovering the sudden change in leadership, adding an element of surprise to this unfolding narrative.

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