The Parliamentary Service Commission has announced a naming competition in which one lucky Kenyan will get to win Sh100,000.

PSC is accepting bids from Kenyans to name its new multistorey office block ahead of its commissioning.

“The PSC has identified the need to name the building in line with the constitutional mandate of Parliament. The Commission has determined and resolved that this can be achieved through a naming contest.

“The PSC has identified the need to carry out a naming contest that will seek views of the public to enhance public participation in determining the most appropriate name of the building,” part of the statement issued.

The commission is looking for names that reflect the role of Parliament in society and vision in the areas of good governance and representation.

Names that celebrate underrepresented groups in the legislature, especially women or minority groups who have made great advances but did not receive appropriate historical recognition, are also encouraged.

Interested Kenyans are encouraged to apply by downloading the form on the Parliament Website and submitting it by June 20, 2022.

The office complex which cost more than Sh7 billion has 27 floors comprising four basement parking floors, a reception floor, 24 committee rooms, 338 offices for MPs, a health club, a restaurant, an open garden, and a service floor.

Rules and guidelines for the contest

Nominations consisting of the proposed name, one-line justification pitch, and up to a 250-word narrative will be accepted.

After a check against the ‘name specifications’, the proposed names and rationale of the names will be reviewed by the appointed committee and the names meeting the selection criteria shall be shortlisted for further consideration.

All the proposers of the names nominated from Phase I may be invited to make presentations to the Committee appointed to manage the naming contest.

The ten most highly ranked names will be revealed to the Commission (in alphabetical order) and passed on to Phase III.

Parliamentary Service Commission Committee Review & Selection
The Commission will review and discuss the entries passed on from Phase II and conduct its own ranking.

The Commission will check the results against the ranking from Phase II to ensure alignment with public desire before finalizing the nominations that will move in order of preference.

Phase IV: Vetting and approval by the Commission
Once the selected name is approved, the new name will be announced.

Name specifications:

  1. The building cannot be named after an active person. A person must be in full emeritus status (or deceased)
  2. The name must be catchy and reflect constitutional values, the Parliamentary Service Commission’s stature and its legislative role.
  3. If the name of a person is selected as the winning building name, the name/person will need to go through a due diligence process and seek legal approval for permission to use prior to Commission approval.
  4. The name should not be under copyright, trademark, or other legal restriction.
  5. Any submissions deemed as vulgar, unprofessional, disingenuous, or otherwise maliciously motivated will be disqualified in Phase I before they are shared for Phase II.
  6. In Phase II, the Evaluation Committee shall consider the submissions and shortlist ten proposals.
  7. In Phase III, the Commission shall decide on the most suitable name and the decision of the commission will be final.
  8. All intellectual property rights to the name shall vest in the Parliamentary Service Commission once the competition is over and the winner is identified and awarded.

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