Pastor Ng’ang’a Goes Ballistic on His Daughter

Angry Pastor Nganga Lectures His Daughter Naomi For Tarnishing His Name.

There have been video which has been trending on social media sites of a lady who is saying to be Pastor Nganga’s daughter whose name is Naomi. He has been asking for help from people saying that her dad Abandoned her that is why she is languishing in poverty.

After this video trended, now pastor Nganga has reacted to it lecturing Naomi, he said that he has many children out here and he does not know all of them unless one come with his or her mother or go for DNA.

He told Naomi that he does not know whether she is his daughter unless she come with a proof. He said that he can not take care of Naomi because she also does not care about her father.

Pastor Nganga said that there was a time Naomi come to visit him in his home and she did not come with anything even a kilo of sugar. He told her that if she continues tarnishing his name he assure her that she will go to the grave very early. He said that it is Bible says so.

“You will go to the grave earlier,the Bible says that if you don’t honor God’s servants you will will earn your grave earlier. I have many children out there and I don’t know all of them unless you come with a proof”

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