Popular TV personality, Betty Kyalo is currently on holiday in Malindi, Kenya and it is safe to say that she is enjoying herself. Some are even saying she is enjoying herself a little too much.

At the start of the weekend, Betty announced that she had just arrived in Malindi and was looking forward to sharing bikini photos with all her fans. The star was in such a jubilant mode that she even encouraged haters to photoshop clothes on her as she was going to post her photos whether they like it or not.

Betty kept true to her word as she shared a number of photos of herself in bikinis. She has so far only shared two looks, and she has certainly been slaying on her vacation.

The star, however, would have wished that her haters really clothed her as one of her bikini pics revealed way too much than she would have wanted. One fan noted that her nipple was halfway exposed and she was living nothing to the imagination.

Apart from the fan noticing the slight mishap, Betty generally received positive comments on her pics as many people were impressed at the celebs courage to be able to share such pics with the public. The star has been battling with weight gain issues and she seems to be at a comfortable place with her fitness journey as she was living unapologetically.

In a toxic and appearance-based culture like ours, one can only imagine how much tougher it is for celebrities to face the same types of judgments that regular people face. Celebs have all eyes on them and thus receive a lot of bullying in their DMs and, at times, in their comment sections.

Betty Kyalo is one of the celebrities who has been busy trying to lose weight by eating healthily and exercising, and it appears to be working for her. Betty has always been known as everyone’s favorite chubby and cute news anchor, but she appears to have grown out of that mold as she announced earlier in the year that she was on a weight loss journey.

The star took it upon herself to go to the gym on a consistent basis, and eat much healthier. Earlier in her journey, she documented her days at the gym, showing off her booty and her flat tummy.

By Muranga newspaper

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