Rarieda Member of Parliament (MP) Otiende Amollo yesterday shared a photo with his son and his daughter-in-law.

Otiende revealed that his son Rodney Abel is currently engaged to fashion model Elle Cecilia

“With CS Hon Amina, My Son Rodney his Fiancée Cecilia, Naivasha was lit! The drivers were really good,” he wrote.

Well,  the photo was shared on Twitter and his fans noted that Cecilia was in a crop top that left her belly open.

Otiende’s son Rodney is an Associate at Rachier & Amollo Advocates LLP since 2018 when he graduated from the Kenya School of Law and earned credentials as an Advocate of the High Court.

The photo elicited mixed reactions on Twitter with fans criticizing Cecilia’s dress code.

Those who commented noted that she ought to have been more descent especially in-front of her father-in-law

Ja-kodera reacted to the photo: “Tell your to-be daughter-in-law that only your son should see her tummy.”

Cedric wrote; “And you are comfortable seeing your son’s fiancee’s stomach? That is unacceptable in African culture.”

Vincent wrote; “Please teach you’re Daughter in law how to dress in a respectfully way you’re a Highly respected lawyer and few performing mp don’t let this lower your class.”

The comments caught the attention of Otiende’s daughter-in-law to be who said she had read all the comments.

Here is her response;

“Sawa basi… next time ni dera… Relax… Some of y’all have been waiting for this moment to write me paragraphs? Don’t worry, I read them all.”

In another post, she wrote;

“Wow, Ooh well, we move regardless.

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