Akothee’s Daughter is Pregnant

Kenyan businesswoman and singer, Akothee, is renowned not only for her illustrious career but also for her steadfast commitment to her family, particularly her youngest daughter, Fancy Makadia.

Recently, Fancy was thrust into the spotlight due to pregnancy rumors, leading her to clarify the situation on social media.

In a post that captured the attention of her followers, as well as her ever-supportive mother, Fancy unequivocally refuted the pregnancy speculations. She firmly stated that she was not expecting a child and had never been pregnant. Furthermore, she emphasized that there was no child left in the care of a nanny.

What truly warms the heart in this narrative is the nurturing bond between Akothee and her daughter. Akothee is recognized for her resolute nature and her unwavering devotion to her family.

She seized the opportunity to uplift her daughter and share her perspective on the matter. Akothee reassured Fancy that there was no shame in starting a family and advised her not to let societal expectations govern her choices.

In her words, she aimed to empower her daughter to make life decisions independently, free from external control. Akothee even drew from her personal experience, declaring, “I am also expecting a child, and no one is dictating my life. Bring a child into the world when you’re ready. The baby won’t be entrusted to a nanny; I’ll be the nanny.”

This recent display of support comes several months after Fancy introduced her partner to the public in April. In her social media post, Fancy expressed her deep appreciation for her partner’s love and support.

She affectionately referred to him as ‘Osiep Chunya’ (My heart friend), highlighting the depth of their affection and intimacy. This action demonstrated that Fancy has discovered a loving and supportive partner who stands by her side.

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