Amber Ray made some time for her fans and followers yesterday when she participated in a question and answer session.

One of the questions that the mother of one spoke on concerned her tattoos. “I have two tattoos. The first one I got it when I was very young after breaking up with my baby daddy and I don’t even know the meaning,” she said.

And where was the tattoo located? It was near her spinal cord. “My second tattoo ni jina ya mzee. I have always wanted to put my man’s name on my body and I told myself if I find this person and really connect with him lazima nitaweka tattoo yake. I regret I could have made it bold because yeye ndio kusema.”

And was she single? Don’t forget that the socialite recently deleted the images of her hubby Jamal Rohosafir from her Instagram page, signaling that something might be wrong.

She said that she wasn’t single and that if she was to break up she would publicly reveal that information and won’t care about what people will say. 

She concluded that she was happy being a second wife because she was in love with Jamal. 

“I don’t regret being a second wife because it is someone that I love.” 

By Mpasho

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