Students Beat Up A Teacher After They Were Told To Stop Eating From A Sufuria

A teacher at Oldonyiro Mixed Day and Boarding Secondary School in Isiolo North is nursing injuries after he was seriously beaten by some of his students. He is now pleading with Teachers Service Commission to transfer him from the school. He says that he fears for his life after the students said that they will be beating him every now and then.

Pius Mugambi explains that he went to dining hall to check on students because he was on duty. He was shocked to find at least ten students eating with sufurias.

“I asked them to eat from plates instead of the sufurias. They began shouting at me, with some gathering courage to physically assault me,” he said.

Perplexed by this, he asked the students why they were threatening him.

“In their words, the learners said: ‘we are circumcised men, you can’t force us to use plates like you would order a child’. They seriously beat me up thereafter,” added Mugambi.

Mugambi was saved by fellow teachers after he screamed attracting their attention. Sadly, the teachers were not there to rescue him the second time he was getting beaten. It is reported that as he was going to report the matter at police station, the same students ambushed him and beat him again necessitating a trip to the hospital.

“They wrestled me to the ground and, thereafter, kicked and punched me several times,” he said.

Luckily a police officer heard his cries and came to recue him. He is now begging to be transfered from the school.

“The students have vowed to kill me. I fear for my life. I’m requesting the TSC to transfer me to another school before these learners take my life,” pleaded Mugambi.


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