Two Nurses Beaten By Patients After They Were Caught in the Act

A distressing incident unfolded recently as two nurses were discovered engaging in an intimate encounter within a female ward. According to reports from a local media outlet, the nurses left their workplace in search of a brief respite to ease their weary minds.

However, upon their return, it became evident that they were under the influence of alcohol, raising concerns among patients about the potential risks of administering medication while impaired. Witnesses observed the visibly fatigued nurses entering a female ward.

Subsequent investigation revealed that their activities involved ‘unprotected intimacy,’ prompting outraged patients to confront them. The situation quickly escalated, resulting in the nurses facing severe physical assaults and requiring medical attention themselves.

Upon being notified of the incident, the management team promptly intervened. As a result, they took the decision to terminate the employment of the nurses due to their egregious misuse of the workplace and engagement in misconduct.

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