Breakthrough As Vaccine Is Made Out Of Powdered Rice – Millions Expected To Benefit

It is amazing how science breakthrough can be used to save thousands of lives. Just a few months ago, WHO classified Cholera as one of worlds reemerging communicable diseases. Today the fight against Cholera is one step away from being won after scientists discovered new vaccine that’s made from powdered rice.

This vaccine has been made by grinding genetically modified grains of rice. According to the trial results, the vaccine that has been named MucoRice-CTB has not shown any side effects.

“We have every reason to be optimistic, especially due to the dose escalation of the MucoRice-CTB vaccine. All participants in the trial responded to the vaccine at the low, medium and high doses with the largest immune response at the highest doses,” said Prof Hiroshi Kiyono from the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo who led the trial programme.

In 2020 there was outbreak of Cholera that affected two regions in the country – Marsabit and Turkana. Marsabit had recorded 268 cases while Turkana had posted 222 cases.

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