Sandra Mbuvi, the youngest daughter of Mombasa Gubenatorial hopeful Mike Sonko, has caused a stir online after unveiling her dog’s exquisite menu.

The flashy young lady was having a Q and A session when an Instagram follower asked what their dogs eat.

Sandra’s response floored many Kenyans as she showcased the extensive menu listing the foods the animals eat.

The menu, catering for the weekday, showed that the dogs at the Sonko residence eat better than many Kenyans.

Broken down into three meals a day, some items on the menu included dog biscuits, fruits, chicken, beef, scrambled eggs, and sour milk.

Kenyans react
Sandra, who often parades her dog, Angel Mbuvi, online, gave many social media users food for thought, as others wished they could be dogs in their household.

Below are some of the comments:


“Me commenting after surviving on ugali and strong tea for two days.”

“That dog is eating better than me.”


“I see our dog growing fatter every day and we have no idea where it eats.”

“Dogs are eating scrambled eggs and broccoli? Where do I sign up?”

“You try loving a rich kid and they instead love a dog. See your life, it is eating better than you.”

“The dog is eating lunch while I keep myself busy to avoid eating in the middle of the day.”

By tuko

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